Recreational Pass & Rental Voucher

$55.00 excl tax
Looking for a great holiday gift? Buy a paintball voucher for the 2024 season. This voucher package includes access to the field, paint, marker rental and air. Vouchers can be transfer person to person. Vouchers expire at the end of the 2024 season.
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Paintball - Recreation Package (Rental Included)

Includes paintball marker, unlimited air, 500 paintballs, and mask
$55.00 excl tax

$200 Gift Voucher

Looking for a gift for the Holiday Season? Buy a gift voucher that is valid for Skiing, Snowboarding, lessons, and rentals! Gift Vouchers are e-vouchers, there is no physical voucher required. When purchasing the gift voucher please put the voucher under the person it is intended for. Please note: In order to use this online through the website the guest must be 18 years or older to make an account. If purchasing for a minor we recommend putting the voucher in their parents or guardians name. Gift vouchers can be redeemed on-site for all ages. This e-voucher is NOT valid for Winterfest Products or Fire at the Ridge. Fire at the Ridge and Marketplace (Main Lodge) gift cards must be purchased on-site.
$200.00 excl tax